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Zenit SP+ Technical Specification

Sample Capacity

  • 160 sample tube positions (primary tubes) in 8 linear racks (ID-TRAX) with 20 tubes each. Tube sizes between 10 to 16 mm OD

Reagent capacity

  • Reagent containers (Std/Ctrl vials) up to 20 mm max. OD
  • 20 positions for medium reagent containers up to 30 mm max. OD
  • 6 positions for large reagent containers (high capacity diluent containers) up to 50 mm max. OD

Plate capacity

  • 4 plate positions with room temperature incubation (dark)

Slide capacity

  • 25 Glass Slide positions (in 5 trays with 5 slide slots each)with room temperature incubation (dark)


  • Predilutions and serial dilutions in Deep Wells and microtitre plates:
  • 162 positions for Deep Well (1.2ml microtubes)
  • 3 standard 8x12 microtitre plates (U bottom)

Bar code reading

  • (Optional) Semi-Automatic system for identification of BARCODE labels


  • Most widely available bar codes can be read by ID-TRAXCCD bar code readers for sample tubes and reagents
  • Max digits: 20

Tip design

  • 2 washable tips upgradable to 4 (disposable tips available as option).
  • Tips are fully independent on Y and Z axis. Variable Tip Spacing (flexi-span) from 9 to 350 mm.

Liquid detector

  • Capacitance, independent detector for each tip
  • Minimum detectable volume 200µl (with 0,9% sodium chloride in a tubediameter 16mm)


  • Minimised to less than 10-6


  • High precision mini toothed wheel pumps for precise liquid handling (one for each tip).
  • Volumes from 1µl to 1ml


  • Minimum sample/reagent volume 5µl
  • Maximum sample/reagent volume 1ml


  • CV 20µl
  • CV = 2% with volume = 10µl


  • 1 MTP shaker and different shaking mode (orbital, linear, etc.)

Plate reader

  • 8 channel photometer for single, dual or multi wavelength measurement
  • Range between 400÷800 nm
  • 4 standard filters upgradable to 6
  • Standard wavelength 620 nm, 492nm, 450nm, 405 nm (other values available on request)

Pc requirements

  • Pentium 4 CPU at 2.4 GHz speed, 512 MB RAM,15" High Res. display (1024x768)

Interface to pc

  • CAN bus on standard USB port

Pc operating system

  • Software is fully compatible with Microsoft XP operating system upd. Service Pack 1

Operating conditions

  • Temperature: 15°C to 30°C/60°F to 85°F
  • Relative humidity: 10 – 85% at 30°C/85°F or below


  • Net Wt. Kg 80


  • Width 112 mm, Depth 80 mm, Height 750 mm

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