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Spotchem EZ Dry Chemistry

System Specifications:

  • Small, bench top fully automated biochemistry analyser
  • Internal centrifuge reduces manual handling of samples
  • Seven different multi-test panels available
  • Can measure up to 9 parameters simultaneously on a sample
  • Simple calibration by magnetic card
  • Comprehensive 21 parameter test menu
  • Results available in minutes for rapid follow-up & actions
  • Calibration Check QC material provides assurance of result accuracy and precision
  • Connects to NetCare data manager
Single test Measurement  
Albumin 10-60 g/l
Alkaline Phosphatase 50-1,500 U/l
ALT (GPT) 10-1,000 U/l
Amylase 10-800 U/l
AST (GOT) 10-1,000 U/l
Calcium 0.75-4.99 mmol/l
Total Cholesterol 1.29-10.34 mmol/l
CPK 50-2,000 U/l
Creatinine 27-3,536 µmol/l
Fructosamine 50-1,000 µmol/l
Gamma-GT 10-1500 U/l
Glucose 1.1-25.0 mmol/l
Direct HDL Cholesterol 0.26-3.88 mmol/l
LDH 100-4,000 U/l
Magnesium 0.08-2.47 mmol/l
Inorganic Phosphorus 0.16-6.46 mmol/l
Total Bilirubin 3-428 µmol/l
Total Protein 20-110 g/l
Triglyceride 0.28-5.65 mmol/l
BUN (Urea) 1.8-71.5 mmol/l
Uric Acid 59-1190 µmol/l
Multi-parameter strips Parameters
Panel-V Alk. Phosphatase, ALT, Creatinine, Glucose, T. Protein, BUN
Kidney-2 Albumin, Creatinine, T. Protein, BUN, Uric Acid
Liver-1 Albumin, ALT, AST, LDH, T. Bilirubin, T. Protein
Heart-2 AST, CPK, T. Cholesterol, LDH, T. Protein, BUN
Panel-1 ALT, AST, T. Cholesterol, Glucose, T. Bilirubin, BUN
Panel-2 Albumin, Calcium, LDH, Triglyceride, T. Protein, Uric Acid
Stat-1 ALT, AST, CPK, LDH, T. Bilirubin, BUN
Technical specification  
Measurement principle: Dual wavelength reflectometry with end-point and kinetic assays
Sample type: Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood
Sample required: 7µl per test + 38µl dead volume: serum, plasma
Parameters available: 21
Simultaneous measurement: 1-9 parameters (3 single strips plus 1 multi strip)
Throughput: 63 tests/hour (9 tests per batch)
Calibration method: Magnetic card
Memory: 100 tests
Display: 20 digits x 2 lines LCD
Built-in printer: 36-character thermal printer
External output: RS-232C interface
Power supply: AC100-120V, 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Dimensions: 338mm(W) x 203mm(D) x 167mm(H)
Weight: Approximately 5.4kg
Operating temperature: 10-30°C

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