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D-Sight Details


D-SIGHT for optimal acquisition and digitisation

  • ACCURATE in reproduction of slide overview and every detail of each slide acquired
  • OPTIMAL for work flow (automatic acquisition of up to 50 slides per work cycle)
  • LESS THAN 30 seconds for a true preview of the slide at 4x
  • COMPLETE with a 6-objective revolver
  • REPRODUCIBLE AND CONSTANTLY CALIBRATED thanks to the topgrade sensor within a closed system and calibrated at the source

D-SIGHT for optimal archiving, management and sharing

  • TAILORED FOR PATHOLOGISTS for a personalised management of images
  • IMMEDIATE: a simple click gives real time access to all the archived slides, anywhere
  • COMPLETE range of tools
  • PROTECTED: finite traceability of every image archived and/or shared, through an integrated bar code reader

Some of the tools provided


  • linear, perimetric and areas traced freehand or by a polygonal process
  • angles, correspondences, collimator functions
  • measurements customised by colour, thickness, character type, size, and other options

Annotations; Design

  • ion of lines, arrows, text, forms, etc.
  • free customisation of colour, size, character, etc.

Points of interest

  • identification and storage of particular points of interest
  • points of interest can be marked during navigation, without interrupting the overall analysis


  • automated membrane image analysis
  • complete image analysis of membranes and nuclei (nuclear, membrane, cytoplasmic identification and quantification, etc.)
  • automated analysis of digitized Tissue MicroArray (TMA) slides
  • complete management of all digitized TMA related processes
Features And Specifications  
Slide loading D-Sight-05: 5 slides, auto D-Sight-50: 50 slides, auto
Speed (15 x 15 mm) < 3 min/slide at 20x
Objective 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Maximum number of objectives Up to 6
Scanning magnification Related to the objective mounted
Scanning range 27 x 55 mm
Resolution at 20x 0,5 micron/pixel
Resolution at 40x 0,25 micron/pixel
Image compression JPEG-2000 (JP2)
Barcode reader YES
Fluorescence Lamp House  
Maximum number of filters  
Digital microscope Brightfield with colour camera
Dimensions height: 50 cm depth: 60 cm width: 40 cm
Weight 30 Kg
Monitor 24” high resolution LCD (1920x1200)
Power AC 100-240, 50/60 Hz
Compliance CE, FCC


digital slide strumento d sight medium
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