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Finger Prickers & Lancets

Glucoject Dual PLUS Finger Pricker

Glucoject Dual PLUS 33G

The Glucoject Dual PLUS finger pricker comes as part of the package with all GlucoMen blood glucose meters. The Glucoject Dual PLUS has unique features for ultimate control and comfort when lancing to give pain free testing.

  • Finest Lancet
    The GlucoJect Lancet PLUS 33G is the finest lancet available on prescription.
  • Depth Setting
    5 penetration depth settings, adjustable for all skin types.
  • Lancet Ejection System
    Safe, lancet ejection.


Prescription Details for Glucoject Pen Needles  

GlucoJect Lancets PLUS 33G    (pack of 100)    PIP Code 385-1748

GlucoJect Lancets PLUS 33G    (pack of 200)    PIP Code 385-1755


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