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Zenit RA

Zenit RA: the analyzer that best fits your needs in Autoimmunity

The new A. Menarini Diagnostics chemiluminescence analyzer provides the high degree of precision and rapidity of analysis that your autoimmunity laboratory routine demands:

  • Accurate, standardized and reproducible results
  • First result within 25 minutes
  • Throughput rate: 70 results/hr

It provides maximum flexibility and operational readiness in autoimmunity testing:

  • Up to 15 different simultaneous immunoassays
  • True walk-away
  • Continuous access to samples, reagents, consumables and parts
  • STAT priority function for urgent samples
  • Continuous loading of bar-coded samples and reagents

Zenir RA: The new A. Menarini Diagnostics chemiluminescence analyzer brings a higher degree of versatility to autoimmune diagnostics:

  • Consolidated 21-test menu in autoimmunity
  • Calibration stable for 2 weeks
  • Capacity and automation for medium to large laboratories

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