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The latest way for regular testers to manage their diabetes

Outstanding features and outstanding accuracy PLUS QuickLink™ contactless download to our free app - Glucolog Lite

Quality you can trust

New ISO accuracy requirements came into effect in May 2016. GlucoMen® Areo exceeds all of the new criteria with full supporting evidence available.
If you are not currently using a GlucoMen Areo meter but are concerned that your meter does not meet the latest accuracy standards, why not contact the GlucoMen helpline on 0800 243667 or apply for a free upgrade today.
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Outstanding features for glucose testing

GlucoMen Areo and GlucoMen Areo 2K have a best in class set of features to make glucose testing easier, wherever you are.

  • Stylish Design
    Small, easy to handle meter
  • Haematocrit Compensation
    Ensures accuracy from 10%-70%
  • Hypo/ Hyper Alert
    For patient safety
  • Large Test Strip
    Easy to handle for everyone
  • The Finest Lancet
    33G for more comfortable testing
  • Contactless Download
    Fast, effective consultations
  • Exceeds All ISO Accuracy Criteria
    For better outcomes
  • Strip Ejector
    For convenience
  • No Coding
    Quick and easy, safe and accurate
  • Meal Markers
    To help diabetes control
  • Large Glow in the Dark Display
    Easy to read in all conditons
  • Fast
    Accurate results in just 5 seconds
  • Tiny Blood Sample
    Easy to get enough blood every time
  • Locally Based Helpline
    Free support, batteries, replacement items. LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Extra Large Memory
    Can't be deleted, exceeds DVLA requirements



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