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GlucoLog Bluetooth device

The GlucoLog Bluetooth device is a technologically advanced product that allows results from a GlucoMen meter to be sent via Bluetooth to a Smartphone.

To order your device please contact the Customer Support Team.

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Northern Ireland    0800 7837286

  • Download unlimited results quickly from your meter to a Smartphone using the Bluetooth device
  • Using GlucoLog Bluetooth device means that you will not forget to enter any results
  • Quick to set up and easy to use
  • The Bluetooth device works with our GlucoLog Lite & GlucoLog Mobile apps (available for iPhones and Android Smartphones)

Instructions for using the BT device

  • How to connect your meter to GlucoLog Bluetooth device
    Insert the jack of GlucoLog Bluetooth device into the slot on the bottom of the meter using the appropriate adapter supplied within the box. Your meter should then display "OK - Upload" (GlucoMen LX Plus) or "PC" (GlucoMen Areo). Turn on the device on by pressing the button once until a green light flashes.
  • How to pair your Bluetooth device with your Android smart-phone/tablet
    Turn your smart-phone/tablet on and enable Bluetooth by accessing your smart-phone/tablet's Network or Connectivity settings.
  • How to connect your Bluetooth device with your Apple iPhone/iPad
    Ensure that your bluetooth is enabled in your iPhone settings. In your GlucoLog Lite app ensure that you have selected "Bluetooth Low Energy" for connection type.
  • Connecting
    In the app go to the 'Receive' page to start the transfer. The pairing process will be completed automatically.
  • Data download
    The full memory from the meter will now transfer over to the app.

Technical Specification

Bluetooth Module M903L Maximum transmission speed 2.1Mbps
Bluetooth Type Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy) Meter Interface Serial
Bluetooth Class 2 Operative Voltage 3V
Operative distance 10m Maximum Power 72.6 mW
Frequency 2400.00 to 2483.5 MHz Battery 3V CR2032
Antenna Power 0.1 mW Certifications Bluetooth, CE, FCC e IC
Storage Temperature -10°C - +45°C Dimensions 36 x 39 x 11 mm
Operative Temperature 0°C - +45°C Weight 13g

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