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GlucoMen Areo & Areo 2K


Areo 2K Blood Glucose & Ketone Test Meter - Now Avaible in the Republic of Ireland.


The Areo has been recommended on the “Guideline on the Choice of Blood Glucose Meters and Test Strips for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes” and can be found in the Endocrine chapter of the NI Formulary.


The Areo 2k is a patient friendly, low cost meter which combines Blood Glucose and Ketone testing on the one meter.

This meter is available in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Quality you can trust

New ISO accuracy requirements came into effect in May 2016. GlucoMen® Areo exceeds all of the new criteria with full supporting evidence available.
If you are not currently using a GlucoMen Areo meter but are concerned that your meter does not meet the latest accuracy standards, why not contact the GlucoMen helpline on 0800 243667 or apply for a free upgrade today.

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Benefits of the Areo Glucose Test Meters -

Outstanding features for glucose testing

GlucoMen Areo and GlucoMen Areo 2K have a best in class set of features to make glucose testing easier, wherever you are.

  • Stylish Design
    Small, easy to handle meter
  • Haematocrit Compensation
    Ensures accuracy from 10%-70%
  • Hypo/ Hyper Alert
    For patient safety
  • Large Test Strip
    Easy to handle for everyone
  • The Finest Lancet
    33G for more comfortable testing
  • Contactless Download
    Fast, effective consultations
  • Exceeds All ISO Accuracy Criteria
    For better outcomes
  • Strip Ejector
    For convenience
  • No Coding
    Quick and easy, safe and accurate
  • Meal Markers
    To help diabetes control
  • Large Glow in the Dark Display
    Easy to read in all conditons
  • Fast
    Accurate results in just 5 seconds
  • Tiny Blood Sample
    Easy to get enough blood every time
  • Locally Based Helpline
    Free support, batteries, replacement items. LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Extra Large Memory
    Can't be deleted, exceeds DVLA requirements

GlucoMen Areo 2K for glucose and ketone testing

Ketone Testing
2 in 1 DKA Protection

Areo 2K brings glucose and ketone testing together in one meter for protection from DKA.

Click here for more information about DKA and its prevention. Your healthcare professional can advise if blood ketone testing is appropriate for you.


Outstanding Simplicity

  • Insert test strip to turn meter on
  • Apply tiny blood sample
  • Accurate results in just 5 seconds

Ready to use straight from the box:

  • Date and time preset
  • Battery pre-installed
  • Lancing device and sample strips included

Everything you need to start testing straight away!


Technical Specification

Unit of Measurement mmol/L (Blood glucose)
Test Range 1.1 - 33.3 mmol/L
Haematocrit Range 10 - 70%
Test Strip Coding NO coding required
Sample Type Fresh capillary whole blood
Sample Size 0.5µl for Glucose testing, 0.8µl for Ketones
Test Time 5 Seconds
Memory 730 Test Memory
Averages 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days
Connectivity QuickLink NFC, BlueTooth and dedicated USB cable
Batteries 2x 3V Lithium Batteries
Dimensions 85.5mm (H) x 56mm (W) x 18.2mm(H)

Product Support

Customer Support Team
Our helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am until 5:30pm
Freephone numbers (Landline only)

Republic of Ireland 1800 709 903
Northern Ireland 0800 7837286


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