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Gestational Packs

Gestational Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitoring Pack for expecting mothers.

Our Specially created Gestational Diabetes Packs are designed in accordnace with recommendations made by Community Practice Nurses and Midwives from accross Ireland.

Packages start at minimum of 4 weeks, increasing up to 16 weeks in weekly increments, and are designed to save you money.  Packs contain a combination of GlucoMen Areo Test Strips and Glucoject Lancets (if choosen) which should be used in accordance to the advice given to you by your Diabetic Nurse. 

For Free GlucoMen Batteries, Logbooks or any other queries regarding your pack and Areo Blood Glucose Test Meter, Please Contact -

ROI: 1800 709 903
NI: 0800 783 7286

*Prices are inclusive of Delivery Charges