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Diasend & Glucomen Areo

GlucoMen Areo and Diasend – A unique partnership

GlucoMen Areo and diasend® have joined forces to create a unique on-the-go diabetes management tool, to help ensure efficient consultations, in clinic or over the phone, for improved patient outcomes.

QuickLink™ by GlucoMen Areo and the new diasend® app allows patients to share their full glucose results diary with healthcare professionals and loved ones ahead of appointments or for immediate ‘on the go’ support, whenever you need to, wherever you are.

With GlucoMen Areo and the diasend® app you can:

  • Instantly transfer your entire results diary with QuickLink™ contactless download
  • Upload unlimited data into your diasend® Personal account to combine into one report
  • Share results and data with a healthcare professional on a secure diasend® Clinic account
  • Obtain an overview of testing times to see if results are within a targeted range
  • Identify possible patterns to help improve diabetes control Download the app for FREE on the Google Play Store

*QuickLink™ is not currently supported by Apple iPhone/iPad

Quick User Guide – Instant data sharing and easy access to information

Step 1: Patient transfers meter memory into diasend app (contactless download)

Step 2: Results immediately appear in Diasend clinic on a healthcare professionals PC


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