Medicon Diabetes

Medicon Ireland Ltd's aim is to facilitate the improved healthcare of people across Ireland.

Medicon are delighted to announce the launch of the NEW GlucoMen Areo blood glucose meter, an innovative new way for people to manage their diabetes better with new QuickLink technology, which is only one of its many features.

Our GlucoMen LX Plus Meter is one of the few meters on the market that provides the facility of Glucose Testing and Ketone Testing on the same meter.  This is particularly significant for those patients and professionals concerned with reducing the risk of Ketoacidosis (DKA).

We provide full customer support for all our meters, including the GlucoMen Areo, GlucoMen LX Plus and predecessors, the GlucoMen LX and the GlucoMen Visio.

At our Newry office, we provide a full back up service for users once your meter is registered, including batteries, logbooks, covers, children's accessories, etc.